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The Settings’ page is one the most important parts of your MachForm. From here, you can change your login and license and configure the SMTP server and other settings related to your MachForm.

The Interface

Each setting has its own block, so you can easily change the setting you need. On the right side of the Settings’ page, your license information is displayed, including the version of your MachForm.

Admin Panel Image

You can replace the MachForm logo displayed on the top left corner of your MachForm admin panel with your own logo. Simply enter the URL of your own logo in the Miscellaneous Settings’ block. The recommended image dimension for the logo is 145×55 px.

Changing Login

MachForm 3 uses your email address as the login. You can change the address to any email address. It doesn’t have to be the same email address that you used when you purchased MachForm. The email address is not case sensitive; however the password is case sensitive.

Changing the License

The first time you install MachForm it will validate the license to our server and display your license information upon successful validation. If you need to upgrade your installation to a different license type (e.g., MachForm Standard to MachForm Unlimited), simply enter your new license and click the Activate button. There is no need to reinstall your MachForm when you change your license.

Using the SMTP Server

By default, MachForm will send emails using the standard PHP mail function. With some hosting companies, the PHP mail function might not be available or may be disabled. In such cases, you can configure your MachForm to use the SMTP Server. Simply enter all of the necessary details regarding your SMTP Server into the SMTP Server setting block.

Removing MachForm Link

To remove the “Powered by MachForm” link from the bottom of all of your forms, simply click “more options” on the Miscellaneous Settings section and select “Yes” on the removal the Drop Down. If you need to change the logo of your form (by default it uses MachForm logo), simply edit the theme of your form.