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The email notification feature of MachForm is very powerful. You can customize every aspect of it (sender, receiver, content template, and auto-responder).

The Interface

The email notification interface consists of a pane containing two block of settings. The first block is the settings to send the email notifications to your inbox. The second block is the settings pane to send an auto-responder email to the users who fill out the form.

You can enable any, all, or none of these notifications.

Setting Up Notifications

When you create a new form, by default MachForm won’t set up that form to send the submissions to any email address. You need to enable the notifications and set the destination email address to do this.

To enable notifications, simply check the checkbox for the notification you would like to receive. For example, if you need to receive notifications in your email inbox, check the “Send Notification Emails to My Inbox”. You will be prompted to enter your email address. You can send the notification to multiple email addresseses; simply separate them with commas.

Customizing the Sender’s Address

By default, MachForm will send the notification to you using the email address “”. You can change this to any email address you want, including the email address that is entered by the user who fills in the form. This is quite handy when you need to build something like a contact form so that the message will looks as it was coming from the user email address directly.

Customizing the Subject and Content

The subject and the content of the notification are fully customizable. You can use “template variables” to insert form data in the subject or content. You can also use HTML code, along with CSS, to customize your email content.

Sending Auto-responders

An auto-responder email is an email that is sent to the person who filled in the form after the form has been successfully submitted. Usually, the auto-responder is used to provide confirmation or receipt of the user’s submission.

MachForm auto-responder is also fully customizable, with the subject, content, and sender’s address -everything- able to be configured. To be able using auto-responder, make sure that your form has at least one email field type.

You can then select the email field you would like to send the auto-responder to.