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Form Manager


The form manager is where you manage all aspects of MachForm. Creating new forms, editing form, duplicating form, setting theme, setting payment, all can be done through this page.

The Interface

The form manager displays a complete list of all of your forms. Each form is listed on its own row. Clicking the row will expand all of the options available for that form.

On the right section of each row, the total of today’s entries will be displayed on a red background. Hovering over that block will display the latest entry submission time.

Creating a New Form

You can start creating a new form by clicking the green button on the top right corner labeled “Create New Form”.

Clicking the button will take you to the Form Builder page, where you can add fields for your form. Once you’re finished and have saved the form, you will be redirected back to the Form Manager page and your new form will be displayed on the list.

Tagging the Forms

If you have a large number of forms, it is very useful to assign a tag name to each form so that you can group the forms into categories and manage them easily. You can input anything in the tag name, including spaces.

Each form can be assigned multiple tag names assigned. To assign multiple tag names at once, simply input all of your tag names and separate them with commas.

Filtering and Sorting

On the top left corner of the Form Manager, a search box is provided for you to easily search your form. You can search your forms by form title or by tag names. The results are displayed instantly and they keywords are highlighted.

You can also sort your forms based on a set of predefined conditions. Simply click the “Sort By” dropdown on the top right corner of the Form Manager. Tip: You can display the total entries for each form by sorting your form by “Total Entries”.

Enable/Disable Form

Sometimes you need to temporarily close the form and not accept any entries. Clicking the “Disable” link on your form will do this. When you ready to accept new entries, you can activate your form again by clicking the “Enable” link.

When the form has been disabled, a message indicating the form’s status will be displayed instead of the form fields. Disabling the form is not the same thing as deleting your form. None of your data will be deleted.

You can also customize the message for each of your form. Very useful for forms such as event registration form, job application form, or any other form that is time-sensitive.

Personalized inactive message for each of your form would make it even more useful to your users and avoid confusions.

Changing Theme

When you create a new form, a theme will be assigned to your form. A theme is basically a set of CSS code to control the look and feel of your form (colors, backgrounds, fonts, logo, etc).

By default, the “White” theme is assigned to your form. You can change the theme by clicking the “Theme” link and selecting a new theme from the drop-down list.

There are 22 built-in themes available and you can create your own theme by choosing the “Create New Theme” option.

Duplicating the Form

Duplicating a form will create an exact copy of the form, including all of the settings (notifications, payment, theme). However, it doesn’t copy the entries that were in the original form. The new copy will have no entries.

If you need to create many forms with similar fields, it’s best to create a master form that contains all of the common fields. Every time you need to create a similar form, you can duplicate your master form and then modify it further. This way, you won’t need to add all of the fields each time from scratch.

Deleting the Form

When you delete a form, all of the associated entries (including any file uploads) will be deleted as well. There is no trash/recycle bin to easily restore your forms from your admin panel.

—- The following information is for advanced users —-

However, under the hood, by default MachForm won’t delete any of your data. Instead, it will set the status of your data to hidden only, so that you can’t see the data from your admin panel. If you are an advanced user and familiar with MySQL tables, you can see that all of the data are still there within the MachForm tables.

If you have sensitive data (such as credit cards data or personal information) and need MachForm to permanently delete the data, you can do so by editing the config.php file and setting this value:


By setting that value, all of your data will be deleted permanently and cannot be restored.