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Entry Manager


All of your form submission data are automatically saved in the database. Using the Entry Manager, you will be able to access all of your data and edit or export the data into an Excel/text file.

The Interface

The Entry Manager consists of a main table that displays all the records of your entries. On the top left of the table, options to export/delete your entries are provided. On the top right of the table, there are options to let you filter your entries and display the selected fields.

On the bottom right of the table, a drop-down menu to sort your entries by any fields is available.

View Entry Detail

To view the detailed information on an entry, click the row you would like to see from the Entry Manager. A page with the details of the submission will then be displayed.

Along with the data submitted by your users, you will also be able to see their IP address and the time of the submission.

Editing Entry

When viewing the details of an entry, you can edit the entry by clicking the “Edit” link on the top right corner of that page. Every time you update an entry, the “Date Updated” field will be updated as well.

If your form has multiple pages, you will be able to edit the data from all of the pages at once.

Forward an Entry

If you need to resend an entry to your email address or any email address, you can do so by clicking the “Email” link on the View Entry page. You can enter multiple email addresses. Simply separate them with commas.

Filtering Entries

The filter entries feature is one of the most powerful functionalities of MachForm. You can filter your entries based on one or more conditions.

Click on the “Filter Entries” link on top of your entries and the Filter Builder will be displayed. Select the field you would like to use as the filter from the dropdown. Add more conditions by clicking the “plus” icon on the right.

Once you have finished, click “Apply Filter” to apply the filter to your entries. All entries matched your filters will be displayed.

Note that by default MachForm will “remember” your filter, even though you have logged out from the admin panel. If you need to clear the filter, simply click the “Clear Filter” link. Clearing the filter won’t remove any of your data.

Displaying Selected Fields

The space on the Entry Manager is limited, so it’s always a good idea to only display the most important fields. Click the “Select Fields” menu on the top right corner of the entries table to select the fields you would like to display.

Exporting Entries

MachForm allows you to export all of your entries into an Excel file, CSV file, or tab-separated text file. Simply select the entries you would like to export and then click the export menu. If you don’t select any entries, it will export all of your entries.

If you have a filter enabled, MachForm will apply that filter before exporting all of the entries.