MachForm 4.2 Released

MachForm version 4.2 is now available for downloads on Members Area!.

This update added several new features, improvements and bugfixes. We recommend you to update due to improved security protections within this release.

Here’s what’s new in MachForm 4.2

2-Step Verification

Secure user login
using six-digit security code

Logic for Webhook

Create multiple rules
to send webhook.

Form Export / Import

Easily copy your form design
and settings to another MachForm

Account Security

Automatic account locking
and IP address restriction.

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Prevent accidental double submission on all forms
  • Allow user to continue editing the form after saving it
  • Auto populate choice/select options on logic builder page
  • Allow any logic notifications to be executed immediately, regardless of “delay notification until paid” option
  • Added debugging message when saving the form
  • Added option to display series name on stacked chart
  • Support for detailed template variables for date fields
  • Support for Bahasa Indonesia
  • On PayPal variable recurring payments, the item names will be displayed into the payment description
  • Added indexes to logic tables to speed up loading on form with huge amount of logic
  • Prompt user to confirm when leaving the form builder page without saving
  • Added option to sort the forms on the form manager, ascending or descending
  • Getting payment URL for unpaid entry is now supported for all merchants
  • Bugfix: Google reCAPTCHA being cutoff when the form is embedded using javascript code
  • Bugfix: Create Date is not being populated correctly when form having review page
  • Bugfix: Empty space is not considered as valid input anymore
  • Bugfix: On a page where no conditional fields exist, jQuery ready code is still being produced
  • Bugfix: Incorrect ‘unique’ checking on empty-non-required fields
  • Bugfix: Incorrect SSL suffix with the theme
  • Bugfix: Total payment aren’t aligned properly to the right when the fields are having guidelines
  • Bugfix: On PayPal recurring payments with trial period, the subscription id is not being recorded properly
  • Bugfix: Norwegian currency is not being displayed correctly
  • Bugfix: Edit page is loading non-existent machform.gif
  • Bugfix: Matrix field choices are not being displayed properly on Android browsers
  • Bugfix: Field intentionally hidden using “hidden” class should be included within total payments and any hidden fields due to logic shouldn’t be included
  • Bugfix: Website field is not being validated properly when hidden and left empty
  • Bugfix: When using fixed coupon code on Stripe, PayPal REST, Braintree and, the discount amount is not being calculated correctly
  • Bugfix: When form review enabled on payment-enabled forms, when the value of payment is zero it doesn’t skip the payment page
  • Bugfix: Email with quote is causing error with the mailer library
  • Bugfix: Deleting draft checkbox field is causing save error
  • Bugfix: On some server, depends on PHP configuration, session id is having length more than 100 characters and causing several issue
  • Bugfix: Currency can’t be saved properly when braintree selected
  • Bugfix: On servers running PHP 5.3.9 or above, max_input_vars default setting is causing issue when building large logic or importing bulk options
  • Bugfix: On payment settings page, when the original coupon code field was deleted and the new one being added, the new coupon code field won’t get saved
  • Bugfix: When a checkbox is selected by default and the user submitted unchecked checkbox, it will always being checked within edit entry page
  • Bugfix: Bulk insert choices into choice/checkbox field that only have 1-2 options won’t work
  • Bugfix: The value ’12:00 AM’ is not being recorded properly into the Time field
  • Bugfix: Default value shouldn’t be loaded during edit entry if the field is not admin only
  • Bugfix: Coupon code still being checked even though payment has been disabled
  • Bugfix: Widgets on report page when loaded through HTTPS is not using HTTPS links correctly
  • Bugfix: When a coupon code field is being deleted, discount should be turned off on the payment settings page
  • Bugfix: When a form has a fixed-amount payment setting and any field within the form is being deleted, it will incorrectly disable the payment
  • Bugfix: Filtering error when the field is having multiple choice with ‘other’ field
  • Bugfix: Clicking empty page break is generating javascript error message within the console
  • Bugfix: When a form being embedded and the user resized a text area field, the height of the iframe is not being recalculated

How to Update

This update is FREE for all V4 owners.
As mentioned above, you can download it on Members Area.

If you are currently using v4.x or v3.x, follow this upgrade instruction:
Upgrading MachForm 3.x/4.x to 4.2

If you are still using v2.x, follow this upgrade instruction:
Upgrading MachForm 2.x to 4.2

Enjoy!! :)

2-Step Verification for Login

With the release of MachForm version 4.2, we’ve improved many security aspects of MachForm. One of the major improvement is 2-Step Verification for MachForm Panel.

What is 2-Step Verification?

2-Step verification is an optional but highly recommended security feature that adds an extra layer of protection to your MachForm accounts.

Once enabled, MachForm will require a six-digit security code (generated by TOTP authenticator mobile app) in addition to the standard password whenever users sign in to MachForm panel.

How to Enable?

You can enable this new feature by clicking My Account on your MachForm panel and then turn on Enable 2-Step Verification.

You’ll be shown your secret key and its QR code, which you can scan into your 2-step verification app. Install one of these apps (see list below), scan the QR code shown in the MachForm Panel, and then use the app to generate a secure token every time you log in.

Supported Mobile Apps

Several mobile apps are available that will generate a unique time-sensitive security code you can use to finish signing in to your MachForm account. Any app that supports the Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) protocol should work, including the following:

2-Step verification drastically improves the protection of your account by requiring not just something you know (your email and password), but also something you have (your mobile device).

Enforce 2-Step Verification on Users

By default, 2-Step Verification is an optional feature that can be enabled/disabled personally by every user. However, Administrator can also enable the option to enforce 2-Step Verification on all users. So that all users will be required to use 2-step verification, regardless of the personal preference.

Enjoy the new improved security feature! :)

Form Export / Import Tool

Ever need to copy your form from your development server / local computer to your live site? Or need to copy the form from one site to another?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to do so :( Well, at least there wasn’t any easy way to do that.

As of version 4.2, we’ve added a new feature to let you export your form into a file (*.json file). You can then easily import the file into another instance of MachForm! Yay! :)

This is a small utility but VERY useful and requested by many people.

To use this tool, simply login to your MachForm and go to Settings page. You’ll find the Export/Import Tool at the bottom of the page.

When you import a form, all form fields and settings (including logics, payments, emails, etc) will be copied and the form will get new id number. The only exceptions are the theme and entries data, the tool won’t import them.