The new MachForm 4 is now available!

Howdy! We’re very excited to announce the immediate availability of the new MachForm 4!

This release is a huge improvement over previous version which made MachForm even more powerful and fun.

Here’s what’s new in MachForm 4

Report Builder

Easily create graphical charts!
Pie, Donut, Bars, Line, Area and Grid. Integration

Accept credit card payment on your forms.
Charge one-time or recurring payments.

Webhook Integration

Send form data to another website.
Works with CampaignMonitor, MailChimp, etc.

Discount Code

Allows your clients to enter coupon code
and receive discount (fixed/percentage).

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Updated Admin Panel to support retina display
  • Added more currencies to Stripe integration
  • Paragraph on view entry page will be displayed using single column
  • Display subscription ID as payment ID on Stripe’s recurring payment
  • Bugfix: Using quotes for keyword on logics is causing error
  • Bugfix: Stripe payment page didn’t work on IE8 or older
  • Bugfix: Duplicating a form doesn’t copy the whole email logic conditions
  • Bugfix: Deleting a form doesn’t remove the email logic conditions records
  • Bugfix: Leading zero issue when using Time field for conditional logic
  • Bugfix: PHP sessions doesn’t work under Safari browsers when the form is being embedded from different domain
  • Bugfix: Form logo aren’t being resized properly on mobile view
  • Bugfix: Gross amount missmatch bug on some occasions within PayPal IPN script
  • Bugfix: A field with ‘admin only’ and ‘required’ enabled is causing validation error when the admin logged in and submit the form
  • Bugfix: On european date field, setting empty min-Date is causing trouble (missing date value) when editing the entry
  • Bugfix: Sales tax on Stripe is causing some error
  • Bugfix: Multiple uploaded files on some PHP version (PHP 5.3) doesn’t have proper ‘br’ tags within the email
  • Bugfix: Form limit submission rule make it impossible to edit entry on admin panel
  • Bugfix: HTML tags are double encoded on email logic settings page
  • Bugfix: Template variable for Signature field is being overridden by {entry_data}
  • Bugfix: Issue with conditional logic to show/hide fields when the rule consist of fields from multiple pages
  • Bugfix: Editing entries that has date field with rules (disabled past dates) is causing error
  • Bugfix: Hidden fields due to conditional logic shouldn’t be included within price calculation
  • Bugfix: When payment fields being used as part of entries filter and the payment fields aren’t set as preference, the entries are broken/can’t be displayed
  • Bugfix: The resume option is having some session issue when the user is using the browser back button after saving the form
  • Bugfix: Updated switfmailer library to support STARTTLS
  • Bugfix: Skip page logic doesn’t work properly
  • Bugfix: On recurring payments with trial price under Stripe, the recurring price is the one being displayed within the email instead of the trial price
  • Bugfix: : Trial Period on Stripe is incorrectly using the interval of the main subscription
  • Bugfix: UTF-8 encoding issue with the email subject on the resume email
  • Bugfix: Non-required matrix field that was hidden due to logic and then being displayed and left empty, it will be incorrectly marked as ‘required’
  • Bugfix: Email validation doesn’t accept quote character
  • Bugfix: Payment field selected as sort preference on entries manager causing query error
  • Bugfix: Trailing zero on review page’s payment total is not being displayed
  • Bugfix: Added ob_clean() on download.php and export script to discard any new lines from config.php file
  • Bugfix: Uploading multiple files using the same file names all at once within a session won’t work
  • Bugfix: Hidden section break due to logic shouldn’t be displayed within the review and email
  • Bugfix: Domain/email validation couldn’t handle long TLD
  • Bugfix: Declined cards error messages wasn’t being handled properly on Stripe’s payment page

How to Upgrade

This is a major version release and you will be able to upgrade your existing license at the following prices:


Click here to upgrade

For those who purchased any license within 2014, this upgrade is free of charge and you can download the upgrade from our Member Area. Simply login there to get the update and your license key.

Thanks for your support!

A huge “THANK YOU” to all of you, our awesome MachForm users and beta testers for helping us define and test this release, we couldn’t have done it without you!

[v4.0 Preview] Webhook (Send Form Data to Another Website)

This one is pretty much advanced functionality.
Version 4 will allow you to send your form data to another websites for further processing.

We’ve made the interface flexible enough to accommodate most website requirements.

This functionality most likely useful for those who would like to integrate their form with service such as MailChimp or CampaignMonitor, etc.

So far, we’ve succeeded using Webhook to do integration with the following sites:

1. MailChimp

  • Add a new subscriber to a list of your choosing
  • Unsubscribe an email address from a list of your choosing
  • Edit the email address, merge fields, and interest groups for a list member
  • Create a new draft campaign to send
  • Delete a campaign

2. Campaign Monitor

  • Creates a new subscriber
  • Unsubscribing a subscriber
  • Creating a draft campaign
  • Sending a draft campaign
  • Delete a campaign

3. Aweber

  • Creates a new subscriber

4. Emma

  • Creates a new subscriber
  • Unsubscribing a subscriber

5. Facebook

  • Post to Timeline. Share status updates and links.

There are lot more sites/services that can be integrated and we’ll post more details as we explore them.


This feature is available since MachForm v4.0

[v4.0 Preview] HTML5 File Uploads

Previously, MachForm is using Flash to do file uploads, which is great because you can have progress bars, select multiple files, etc. However, the main drawback is Flash player is not available on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) and it will fallback to that ugly standard file upload field. Not good :(

The new MachForm will use HTML5 to do file uploads. It has all the great features as the Flash uploader (progress bars, upload multiple files, etc) AND it works great on all mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Androids).

Here is a screenshot of a form with file upload field accessed from the iPhone:

In summary, you’ll have far more reliable file uploads and reach much wider audience :)


This feature is available since MachForm v4.0